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I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Yoga Therapist. I've enjoyed teaching yoga since 2005, training yoga teachers since 2011, and practicing Physical Therapy since 2011. I love how this combination allows me to blend biomechanics with a commitment to the inner experience of yoga.

I draw most of my Yoga inspiration from the tradition of Desikachar, or the viniyoga lineage. I was fortunate to study at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in 2008 and have immersed myself in this tradition ever since. 

I specialize in treating people with hypermobility syndromes, chronic pain​, and yoga-related injuries.

My primary treatment techniques include movement retraining, corrective exercise, and therapeutic yoga in additional to manual therapy techniques including John Barnes Myofascial Release, Dry Needling, PNF, self massage training with therapy balls, and kinesiology taping.

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